Debbee Werner
Jewellery Artisan: Silversmith/Beadsmith
Rodney Werner
About CherryBee Boutique
I have been making jewellery for over 20 years.  Here's my story ...

My beloved - the best hubby I could have ever wished for!
I make by hand each link, clasp, headpin, earwire, etc.  I use North American Sterling Silver round wire, in different gauges.
Forming/shaping the link from round Sterling Silver wire.
Cutting the wire.
Filing the ends to make flush for soldering.
Covering the piece with flux for soldering.
Placing piece of silver solder.
Applying heat with torch.
Into the pickle pot to remove oxides.  I use an environmentally-friendly solution of vinegar and salt only.
After more shaping with pliers, links are hammered to create an effective finish.  Finished pieces are polished in a tumbler overnight.
After pieces have been polished, they are assembled.  (Multiple links, as for necklaces, are already chained together during the soldering process.)
My Silver-Smithing Process
The process is outlined in the photos.
Click on image for description.
My first memory of creating jewellery is of when I was about six years old, sitting in our back garden in London, England, making daisy chains. It was almost 30 years later before I made another piece.

In 1995, after eight years in the music industry and four years in the publishing industry, I quit my job in Australia, sold all my possessions and travelled to Prince Rupert, BC.

During this time of travelling and hanging out, I started making beaded jewellery and collecting beads. I eventually ended up in Cherryville in the North Okanagan, and never left.

I find beading for hours on end very relaxing, as it satisfies my need to be productive, while doing something that I love. And while that left-brain side of me is happy and occupied, I can allow myself to focus on my feminine side, and enter a beautiful, timeless place where my studio and the beads speak to me.

I have a vivid imagination. Many designs have come to me in dreams, as did my bee logo and the spelling of my name. I find inspiration in my natural surroundings, the garden and the wilderness. I am intrigued by symbology and archetypes, and play out themes in my mind which I sometimes translate into jewellery pieces, both elaborate and simple.

In 2008, after 10 years of running local arts festivals and founding & managing an outlet for local artisans, I resigned to be a stay-at-home mum for our daughter, now grown up.

We live on a small farm, grow most of our own food, and aim to be as self-sufficient as we can be. I continue to create jewellery as a home-based business and personal artistic endeavor.

Everything I make I truly do with love, as a way of showing my gratitude, and sharing all the love I have found in my life.
I changed the spelling of my name to “Debbee" and created my bee logo.  My logo has been made into a jeweller's mark and appears on a tag on all of my pieces (except earrings).

In 2004, I took a silversmithing course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I immediately invested in tools and supplies. Whilst I did set some stones for silver pendants, etc., I found the most joy in simple soldering—giving me the ability to make clasps and findings for my beaded jewellery, as well as the skills needed for my silver designs.
Amanda (right) with Leo & Buddy, promoting CherryBee Boutique at Cherryville Days.